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Vengeance Of Vampirella #1 Cho Cgc Graded

Vengeance Of Vampirella #1 Cho Cgc Graded
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Vengeance Of Vampirella #1 Cho Cgc Graded
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  • Weight: 0.10kg
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 0.00cm x 27.00cm
  • Product Code: AUG191189
  • US Shipping Date: 10/9/2019
  • Pre-order Due Date: 08/25/2019
Gotta have more of Frank Cho's voluptuous Vampi? Make his gorgeous rendition yours forever with this CGC-graded and encased copy of Vengeance of Vampirella #1! Humanity holds on, but barely, the playthings and slaves of a multitude of supernatural monstrosities that have made the earth their own. Mistress Nyx continues to rule the planet, her Chaos Lords reigning over the various regions of the world, but she is getting bored - There's no one to challenge her! That is, until a small, but determined rebellion finds what could be their savior or seal their doom! (W) Tom Sniegoski (A) Michael Sta. Maria (CA) Frank Cho

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