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Unholy Argent Vs Onyx #3 Fifty Shades Onyx Nude (Mr)

Unholy Argent Vs Onyx #3 Fifty Shades Onyx Nude (Mr)
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Unholy Argent Vs Onyx #3 Fifty Shades Onyx Nude (Mr)
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Onyx has her hands full while another Argent is unleashed on Mighty Wendi! Two stories in each issue topped off with the lead story Beautified! Available with these sexy covers: Regular (& Nude, Adult) + Wraparound (& Nude, Adult) + Adult Extreme (& Brutal Adult, X-Ray Adult) all by Christian Zanier - Femme Fatale (& Nude, Entire Nude, Adult) + Knock Out (& five KO Nude & Adult) by Matt Martin - Deadly Beauties (& Nude) + Stunning (& Nude, Adult) +POV (& Nude, Adult) by Nahuel Lopez - Blown Away (& Nude) + Killer Body (& Nude) by Renato Camilo - Fifty Shades Onyx Nude and Fifty Shades Argent Nude by Camilo (each lmt to 50 copies) (W) Pat Shand (A) Nahuel Lopez (CA) Renato Camilo

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