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Alien Queen Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720226548
Limited Edition: 1250 “It’s a bug hunt.” Sideshow is proud to present the Alien Queen Maquette created in partnership with Legacy Effects, the talent behind the cinematic terror of the Xenomorphs. The Alien Queen Maquette stands 19” tall, with the monstrous matriarch prowling at..
Alien Warrior- Mythos Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720237780
Est. Arrival: Nov 2019 - Jan 2020ABOUT THIS MAQUETTE“Primordial…deep cold…way below the line.” Sideshow, in partnership with the artists at Legacy Effects, is proud to present the Alien Warrior- Mythos Maquette, a new monstrous nightmare from the world of Aliens. Sideshow’s Mythos series c..
Doomsday Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720237520
Limited Edition: 300“I’ve always been here, and I’ll always be here.” Sideshow is proud to present the Doomsday Maquette, bringing certain doom to the heroes of the DC universe. Has the Justice League finally met their match?  Measuring a monstrous 26.5” tall, the Doomsday Maquette i..
Hulk Vs. Wolverine Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720223516
Limited Edition: 4000There have been many amazing dueling duos in history, but few could possibly be as Earth-shatteringly matched as that of Hulk and Wolverine. Sideshow’s Hulk and Wolverine Maquette is an amazing 3D recreation of not only the pair's first meeting but of Wolverine’s introduct..
Ironman Mark III   Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720239661
Limited Edition: 1500“Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. I mean it's not technically accurate, but it's kind of provocative.” Sideshow and Legacy Effects are proud to present the Iron Man Mark III Maquette as a new addition to your hall of armors. The Iron Man Mark III Maquette stands 22.5”..
Magneto Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720234598
Limited Edition: 1250“It is time that our enemies learn what we already know… that there is no place to hide!”Sideshow is thrilled to present the Magneto Maquette, using his mastery of magnetic fields to make his way into your collection. Measuring over 25” tall, the mutant known as Magneto ho..
Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720224148
Limited Edition: 1000“What the hell are you?” Well, he’s the Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette from Sideshow.  If only Dutch had known that.  IF ONLY!  Though, the locals of Val Verde called him “El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres.”   Like all of the Yautja, the J..
Rogue Maquette
Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720237896
Limited Edition: 2000Est. Arrival: Nov 2019 - Dec 2019“Ah’m giving you one last chance to surrender, sugah. After that, it could get ugly.” Sideshow is proud to present the Rogue Maquette, adding some sweet Southern charm to the X-Men Collection.  Measuring just over 22” tall, the Ro..
Swamp Thing Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720235632
Limited Edition: 500 “I am a ghost out of time. Condemned to a moment that is far beyond the world of clocks and calendars and the rhythms of nature…” The Avatar of the Green arises! Sideshow is proud to present a shambling shadow of the swamplands- the Swamp Thing Maquette. Sculptor..
Terminator T-800 Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 7477202222012
Limited Edition: 750Is it a good idea to keep on building Terminators while living this close to Los Angeles? What could go wrong? Sideshow’s Terminator Endoskeleton Maquette is a painstakingly detailed recreation of the iconic T-800, the Terminator that first struck fear into would-be freedo..
Thanos on Throne Statue
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720231634
Limited Edition: 3500Sideshow is proud to unveil one of our boldest and most ambitious Maquettes to date, depicting Thanos in all of his cosmic glory.  The Thanos on Throne Maquette stands over 20” high, the Mad Titan's grim visage lit by the brightly lit gems of his Infinity Gauntlet.&nb..
Voltron Maquette
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720231757
Limited Edition: 1000To say that we are excited to share this piece with you is an understatement - It is our pleasure to introduce to you Sideshow’s Voltron Maquette!  Standing at a tremendous 27” tall, the Voltron Maquette is our unique interpretation of the iconic Defender of the ..
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