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Legendary Scale Figure

Ironman Mark XLVI - Civil War Legendary Scale
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720233652
Takes a licking. And keeps on ticking.  The Iron Man Mark XLVI joins Sideshow’s line of Legendary Scale™Figures and it is Tony’s most impressive armor to date. First seen in Captain America: Civil War, the Iron Man Mark XLVI is the 46th variant of the original Iron Man armor created b..
Batman Legendary Scale Figure
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Brand: Sideshow Model: 747720222809
Limited Edition: 250“I wear a mask.  And that mask, it’s not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.” Sideshow is proud to introduce Gotham’s own caped crusader Batman as the next addition to Sideshow’s line of Legendary Scale™ Figures. Based on his comic book appearance, the ..
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