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A Diamond Select Toys release! They're friends from work! The Milestones line is getting bigger with every release, and this approximately 17 inch tall sculpture of Gladiator Thor as he appears in Thor: Ragnarok leaps into action with his sword raised and shield at the ready! This statue can stand o..
A Diamond Select Toys release! You guys are in trouble now! Thor has arrived on the scene, in his look from the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and the Black Order had better run! This approximately 16" statue shows Thor raising his new hammer, Stormbreaker, over his head as lightning strikes the gro..
A Diamond Select Toys release! He's back! The hitman with a heart of iron returns in an all-new Gallery PVC Diorama. This approximately 9-inch sculpture depicts Wick running through a doorway with his gun drawn, chasing down his next target. Cast in high-quality plastic, this piece features detailed..
Brand: Max Factory
Height: about 195 mmPVC painted finished figureScale: 1/7Sculptor: Yukiwo Ageta (Max Factory)In the tradition of fan service driven anime comedies featuring very cute loli-like girls comes Magical Pokan (as known as Magipoka in Japan). A story about four very na?ve and senseless magical creatures th..
Marvel Premier Hobgoblin Statue
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A Diamond Select Toys release! Wish you could be hobnobbin' with the Hobgoblin? Well, now you can, with this 12" scale resin statue of one of Spider-Man's greatest foes! Whether you're a fan of the Ned Leeds, Jason Macendale or Roderick Kingsley versions of the character, this is the ultimate Hobgol..
A Diamond Select Toys release! Thanos triumphant! The mad titan has collected all of the Infinity Gems, and raises his gauntlet in victory in this new statue in the Marvel Milestones line! In scale to other Milestones pieces, this 20" sculpture can display with the Infinity War Thor statue or on his..
A Diamond Select Toys release! Be like water! The Bruce Lee line of Gallery PVC dioramas kicks off with this 9-inch scale sculpture of the legend executing one of his trademark forms. Depicting his arms in motion, with a sculptural effect never before seen in the Gallery line, this piece represents ..
A Diamond Select Toys release! Repulsors to full! This resin statue of Iron Man in his MK50 armor shows him landing on a pile of rubble even as he unleashes a blistering barrage at his target. This statue is limited to a production run of 3,000 pieces, and each statue is hand-numbered, with an accom..
Marvel Premiere Netflix Daredevil Statue
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A Diamond Select Release! It's a stairway to hell! Straight from the infamous fight scene in Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix, this 12-inch scale statue shows a battered Daredevil descending a staircase with duct tape on one hand and a chain in the other. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it comes..
John Wick 2 Gallery Pvc Figure John Wick 2 Gallery Pvc Figure
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A Diamond Select Toys release! John Wick is back in, and his next target could be you! The master assassin makes his debut in the Gallery PVC Diorama line with this scene from John Wick Chapter 2, as he walks away from the Rome job. With smoke curling from his gun, this approximately 9-inch-tall scu..
DC COMICSFrom DC Comics. Straight out of the pages of the all-time favorite series, Batman: Rebirth, comes the only thing that may be more iconic that the Bat-symbol itself: The Batman Cowl. The newest releases from the beloved DC Collectibles Gallery Collection are a line of Batman cowls, each repr..
DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! Don't let her cross your path! Or do! Since it's not your safe she's cracking in to, you won't mind seeing this sculpture of the Marvel Universe's resident cat burglar crouching on your shelf. Caught in the light of the Spider-signal, Spider-Man'..
Dc Designer Series Green Lantern By Ivan Reis Statue
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Brand: Dc Comics
DC COMICSbased on the artwork of IVAN REISsculpted by TONY CIPRIANOFor the latest statue of the DC Designer Series, Ivan Reis has made his own construct of the Green Lantern. Reis served as the primary artist during two of the biggest Green Lantern stories in the last decade-Blackest Night and Brigh..
Marvel Milestones Black Panther Movie Statue
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DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys Release! Wakanda Forever! To celebrate the monetary milestones reached by the Black Panther movie, DST is returning to Wakanda to create the ultimate Black Panther collectible! This approximately 14" resin statue depicts the Black Panther himself crouchin..
A Diamond Select Toys release! The lady is a slob! One of the traits Deadpool shares with his alternate-reality female counterpart is their ability to feel at home in the messiest of environments. This statue captures a partially unmasked Wanda Wilson in her natural habitat, with pizza boxes, pistol..
Wasp Statue Wasp Statue
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Brand: Sideshow
ABOUT THIS STATUE“We need a name! It should be something colorful and dramatic, like the Avengers.” Beware her sting! Sideshow is proud to present the winsome Wasp Statue as the newest member of the Avengers Assemble collection, inspired by some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. Founding Ave..
FUNKOVinyl Sugar is the illegitimate love child between Funko and some of the best free-wheeling designers from the back streets of London, the boutiques of Harajuku, and the galleries in NYC. Vinyl Sugar - because you crave it! What happens when the twisted minds over at Evil Corp get together with..
Display your favorite DC Comics books, games, movies, and more with these stylish limited edition logo bookend sets! Choose from Batman or Superman designs, each hand-painted in the hero's traditional color scheme, and measure approximately 6.5" H x 8.5" L x 3.25" D.  Perfect for display on you..
Brand: Kotobukiya
From Kotobukiya!  Next up in the Ani*Statue lineup from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ("My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute") franchise is another new version of the "black cat" otaku girl, this time in a pretty dress: KURONEKO -SWEET LOLITA-!  You've seen her in a gothic bl..
MONDO TEES LLCBased on Phantom City Creative's gorgeous art print, this statue shows Spider-Gwen either spending a quiet moment perched atop a high-rise building, taking a selfie after a day of being a hero, or slinging a web to swing into action! It's your choice, as she comes with interchangeable ..
DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! Hey, you aren't the Avengers! Relive the scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming when Spidey takes on a bank-robbing gang of Avengers impersonators with this approximately 12-inch statue based on the film! Featuring a screen-accurate Spider-Man standing ..
A Diamond Select Toys release! Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, is sure to attract a lot of attention when you unbox this 12-inch scale statue! Measuring approximately 16 inches tall, this piece depicts the X-Men's greatest foe-turned-ally hovering over a rocky promontory, summoning a translucent s..
DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! We are go for launch! The Marvel Premier Collection line of statues continues with the armored Avenger, Iron Man! Wearing his classic suit of red-and-gold armor, this resin statue shows Iron Man posed atop a pile of crumbling debris, facing down ..
Marvel Premier Coll Venom Statue Marvel Premier Coll Venom Statue
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DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! Brains! Venom is back, and DST is celebrating his rebrth with this approximately 12-inch resin statue of the original symbiote! Breaking out of a glass tank, Venom is at his full power here, and is a must-have item for any Venom fan. Limited to o..
Marvel Premier Coll Captain America Statue
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DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! The Marvel Premier Collection keeps living up to its name, with the world's premier sculptors rendering Marvel's premier characters! This time, renowned sculptor Clayburn Moore captures Captain America in an iconic pose, inspired by classic Jim S..
DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! Cable is coming! The time-traveling mutant son of Cyclops is in our time, ready for his big-screen debut! Based on his Marvel Comics appearance, this 12-inch scale statue features a massive weapon and can be displayed on its own or in conjunction..
DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLCA Diamond Select Toys release! By the vishanti! Doctor Stephen Strange has cemented his space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now he has teleported into the Marvel Milestones statue line! Leaping from a portal, Doctor Strange casts spells with both hands in this dynamic ..
TAMASHII NATIONSFrom Tamashi Nations. Watch out Frieza! With arms raised, Son Goku is joining FiguartsZERO in his ultimate Genkidama wielding attack pose. This powerful pose pays homage to the episode in which Son Goku fought in Namek against the tyrant Frieza. Goku's expression and the damage to hi..
Brand: Banpresto
A DXF statue of Piccolo! This Dragon Ball Z Rebirth of F Movie Piccolo DXF Statue features the Z Fighter ready for action in the movie, Dragon Ball Z Rebirth. Level up your Dragon Ball collection with this 6 3/4-inch tall Piccolo statue! Ages 15 and up...
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