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Rebellion / 2000ad

2000 Ad Prog Pack January 2020
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 634158477577
Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! It's a barnstorming start to the new year with a stunning line-up of stories - the Zaucer of Zilk is plagued by a mysterious enemy in the psychedelic fantasy 'A Zaucerful of Secrets'; HSD cop Bridget Kurtis is on the trail of the perpetrat..
Absalom Tp Terminal Diagnosis
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108688951699
The intense conclusion of the cult hit occult detective series! Inspector Harry Absalom is an old-school copper. Curmudgeonly antiauthoritarian, he's been with the force for over forty years. Suffering from an inoperable cancer, he's also the head of a special squad that enforces The Accord, a diplo..
Art Of Judge Dredd 35 Years Zarjaz Cvrs Hc
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 9781781080443
For over 35 years, 2000 AD has dominated the British comics' industry, delivering stories and characters which have etched their way into the cultural psyche. This book celebrates 2000 AD and Judge Dredd's joint 35th-anniversary with a compilation of the most stunning and innovative Judge Dredd-rela..
Brink Tp Vol 01
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 9781781085509
Humanity is on the brink in this atmospheric space-noir from hit comics duo Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard. Late 21st century and Earth has been reduced to an uninhabited wasteland. What was left of humanity was evacuated into overpopulated space stations, or 'Habitats.' A hotbed for crime and strange n..
Chopper Wandering Spirit Tp
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108723751299
The Oz Radback, 2140 AD. Legendary Mega-city skysurfer Marlon Shakespeare has retired to Oz, where he has been living a trouble-free life. But when he goes in pursuit of the mutants that kidnapped his friend Wally during a radstorm, the ageing skysurfer gets far more trouble than he bargained for! T..
Cor And Buster Special #
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108735050799
The greatest characters from Britain's golden age of humour comics return for a one-shot celebration of daft and zany fun! From the world's naughtiest baby, Sweeny Toddler to Gums, the most incompetent shark in the seven seas, a whole new generation of readers are about to experience comics' humour ..
Counterfeit Girl Tp
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108724451299
In a city ruled by the multinational corporations, identity is crucial; no one can get anywhere without being monitored, logged, and status-checked. Fortunately for some, if a new I.D. is needed, there are 'simmers,' backstreet I.D. thieves that can create new personas by stealing the identities of ..
Creepy Creations Hc Vol 01
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 9781781086605
Beware all ye who open this book! The creatures contained within, are some of the most bizarre, hilarious and hideous ever to haunt the pages of a comic! For the first time ever, marvel at The Many-Headed Monster from Monmouth! Tremble at the sight of Terry the Tellible! Recoil in horror from The Fo..
Dark Judges Fall Of Deadworld Hc Vol 01
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 9781781086032
Deadworld was once a planet similar to Earth, until Judge Death and his brothers Fear, Fire and Mortis deemed that as only the living could break the law, life itself should be a crime. As the Dark Judges set out to bring extinction to this parallel world, Judge Fairfax and a family of farmers attem..
Dark Judges Fall Of Deadworld Hc Vol 02
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108693352499
The terrifying sequel to the best-selling tale of Judge Dredd's greatest villains, Dark Judges! They are the four horsemen of the horror apocalypse, Dark Judges who declared that life itself is a crime. As they continue to turn their world into a necropolis, young Jess Childs rallies a team of survi..
Death Wish Best Wishes Tp
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108680351899
Blake Edmonds had it all - fame, money, looks... and then the world-famous F1 driver suffered a terrible accident which left him hideously disfigured. Fashioning a mask to hide his terrible visage, Edmonds has taken on a new career as a stuntman, flirting with death on a regular basis. Mashing toget..
Dr Mesmers Revenge Tp
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Brand: Rebellion / 2000ad Model: 978178108687251899
Hammer Horror meets Doomlord in this 1970s supernatural comics gem! After several artefacts are stolen from his home, the mysterious Egyptologist Dr. Mesmer resurrects a five-thousand-year-old mummy called Angor, a Pharaoh possessed with great mystical power. Together they set out to retrieve the mi..
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