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Brand: Monogram Model: 077764682520
For years Monogram's Marvel lines have been N/A UK, now Diamond UK is pleased to be able to offer a large range of Monogram Marvel items. Featuring the most popular characters in the Marvel Comic and Cinematic universe, all at great price points!..
Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster 8-Inch Resin Paperweight
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Brand: Monogram Model: 077764682544
MONOGRAM PRODUCTSFrom Monogram Products. This Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulkbuster 8-Inch Resin Paperweight is a beautifully recreated version of Tony Stark's Iron Man Hulkbuster armor, as seen in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron film. Measuring 8 inches tall, the Hulk Buster stands atop a decorative ..
Brand: Monogram Model: 077764683282
MONOGRAM PRODUCTSFrom Monogram Products. The high-tech Armored Avenger from the blockbuster film stands tall & bright as a light-up sculpture that's perfect for your low-tech papers. ..
Brand: Monogram Model: 077764690112
MONOGRAM PRODUCTSWear Captain Marvel's starburst logo on your jacket with this lapel pin!..
Brand: Monogram Model: 077764458491
MONOGRAM PRODUCTSThe Batman title logo from the pages of DC Comics' The New 52 is recreated as the pewter dangler of this keyring!..
Brand: Monogram Model: 077764451911
Monogram's line of sculpted bust banks starring the heroes of DC Comics' The New 52 continue with the newest piece in the line, Green Lantern! Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, patrolling space and protecting the Earth from all threats. With this bust bank, he will also protect your lo..
Brand: Monogram Model: 077764670145
Accessorize your office with the newest Marvel Bust Bust, the Iron Man 2 Movie Bust Bank! Featuring a sculpt based on the upcoming Iron Man 2 film, this bust bank stands 7 1/2" tall. This detailed sculpt of Iron Man is certain to make a fantastic conversation piece on a shelf or a desktop, and is fu..
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