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Magic Knight Rayearth 25th Ann Box Set Vol 01

Magic Knight Rayearth 25th Ann Box Set Vol 01
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Magic Knight Rayearth 25th Ann Box Set Vol 01
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The tale of three Tokyo teenagers who cross through a magical portal and become the champions of another world is a modern manga classic. This box set includes three volumes of manga covering the entire first series of Magic Knight Rayearth, plus the series's super-rare full-color art book companion, all printed at a larger size than ever before, on premium paper featuring a newly-revised translation and lettering, and exquisite foil-stamped covers. This limited-edition hardcover box set contains the complete first arc of CLAMP's masterwork Magic Knight Rayearth, with a new translation, new designs, and a color art book, all at a super-large size with gold foil. The centerpiece of any CLAMP collection! (W/A/CA) Clamp

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