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Alay Oop Gn
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Brand: Harper Design Model: 978168137300352495
William Gropper was one of the great American cartoonists and illustrators of the twentieth century. A student of George Bellows and Robert Henri, he was a prolific newspaper cartoonist, WPA muralist, Guggenheim Fellow, and committed political activist. He was also a master of visual storytelling, b..
Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Tp Vol 07
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Brand: Harper Design Model: 978006287880951899
Bart goes to work on the railroad; Homer stretches the boundaries of his mind and tries to color inside the lines; Lisa feels the good vibrations when Karma-Con comes to town; Grampa Simpson tells it like it is, was, or might have been; Pieman and Bartman take on both friends and foes alike; and to ..
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