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Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis Tp Book 01

Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis Tp Book 01
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis Tp Book 01
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  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 8.00cm x 27.00cm
  • Product Code: AUG190645
  • US Shipping Date: 11/27/2019
  • Pre-order Due Date: 08/25/2019
It's 'One Year Later' after the events of Infinite Crisis, and Aquaman has totally changed! The new Aquaman begins the hunt for his missing father and fights a savage duel against an Atlantean warrior over his alliance with the much-feared King Shark. Also, the fate of Atlantis is revealed as Aquaman encounters a band of Atlanteans led by Mera! Who is the new savior of the seven seas and what happened to the original Aquaman? Collects AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS #40-49.

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