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100 Bullets Tp Book 01 (Mr)
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140125056052499
Issues #1-19 of the Eisner Award-winning crime series are back in a new trade paperback! In the opening chapters, Dizzy Cordova is given the chance to avenge her family's murders, and a downtrodden bartender receives the opportunity to exact revenge against the woman who ruined his life. Then, as Ag..
100 Bullets Tp Book 02 (Mr)
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140125431552499
In these stories from issues #20-36, Agent Graves presents an attaché case with a gun and 100 untraceable bullets to Milo Garret, a small-time private dick who's just out of the hospital after losing an argument with his car's windshield. (W) Brian Azzarello (A) Eduardo Risso & Various (CA) Dave Joh..
100 Bullets Tp Book 03 (Mr)
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140125795852499
These stand-alone stories from issues #37-57 of the Eisner Award-winning series spotlight the major players in the story. Plus: the final fate of Loop Hughes! (W) Brian Azzarello (A) Eduardo Risso (CA) Dave Johnson..
Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140126325653499
52 TP VOL 01 (MAR160270)DC COMICS(W) Geoff Johns & Various (A) Keith Giffen & Various (CA) J. G. JonesAfter the INFINITE CRISIS, the DC Universe spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Now, the first 26 issues of this weekly series are collected with stories by a superstar te..
Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140126564953499
52 TP VOL 02DC COMICS(W) Geoff Johns & Various (A) Joe Bennett & Various (CA) J. G. JonesThe story of the DC Universe's most eventful year concludes in this final action-packed volume in the series featuring an epic war between the planet's super-powered beings. Discover the final fates of t..
Abs Justice League Worlds Greatest Superheroes Hc
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140127370557500
SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH. BATMAN: WAR ON CRIME. SHAZAM: POWER OF HOPE. WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH. JUSTICE LEAGUE: SECRET ORIGINS. JUSTICE LEAGUE: LIBERTY AND JUSTICE. These six legendary original fully painted graphic novels by the superstar team of Alex Ross and Paul Dini are collected as the l..
Absolute Art Of Adam Hughes Hc Vol
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140129491557500
This amazing collection features the best of Eisner Award-winning artist Adam Hughes' covers for DC Comics, including covers for WONDER WOMAN, CATWOMAN and more, plus commentary from the artist, rarely seen preliminary material and even more! This title includes everything from COVER RUN: THE DC COM..
Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140124763859999
ABSOLUTE BATMAN & ROBIN THE BOY WONDER HCDC COMICS(W) Frank Miller (A/CA) Jim Lee, Scott WilliamsThe smash-hit Batman epic by modern master Frank Miller (BATMAN: YEAR ONE, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) and artists extraordinaire Jim Lee and Scott Williams (BATMAN, SUPERMAN) is now collected in DC's A..
Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140128412154999
ABSOLUTE BATMAN THE KILLING JOKE HCDC COMICS(A) Alan Moore, Brian Bolland (CA) Brian BollandOne of the most popular graphic novels of all time, this twisted tale of insanity and perseverance is presented as an Absolute Edition for the first time. Looking to prove that any man can be pushed past his ..
Absolute Dark Knight Iii The Master Race Hc
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140129962051250
One of the most highly anticipated sequels of all time is collected in a new Absolute edition! In a world gone awry, left in the aftermath of the toppling of Lex Luthor and the apparent death of Batman himself, who will save Gotham City and the rest of the planet from the mysterious Master Race? Thi..
Absolute Death Hc New Ed (Mr)
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978140129557859999
The tales of Morpheus' big sister, Death, are collected in this Absolute edition! In these stories, Death befriends a teenager and helps a 250-year-old homeless woman find her missing heart. Then, a rising star of the music world wrestles with revealing her true sexual orientation just as her lover ..
Absolute Fables Hc Book 01
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Brand: Dc Comics Model: 978177950020559999
The very first Fables stories return in an all-new Absolute Edition, befitting the mythical scale of the legendary series! These formative Fables tales introduce Fabletown and its residents. When Snow White's party-girl sister, Rose Red, is apparently murdered, it's up to Bigby-Fabletown's sheriff, ..
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