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COTD - The Chronicle of the Underworld Book

COTD - The Chronicle of the Underworld Book
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COTD - The Chronicle of the Underworld Book
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There’s an old saying: "Death is your last adventure". Little do they know what a grand, long adventure it is. But you are about to find out. You have left behind your mortal shell and landed on the shores of the Underworld, the Land of the Dead. This dark, sprawling realm is rife with unimaginable creatures, feral beauties and dazzling temptations, the likes of which you have never seen. Luckily, you have a guidebook.

In the Chronicle, you will learn about Death, who built and rules the Underworld, and his Court of the Dead, who help him govern it. You will discover how the universe was actually forged – and the terrible truth obscured by Heaven and Hell. But the Chronicle is far from a serious history lesson. The delightfully witty court jester, Malavestros, has marked up the Chronicle with color commentary, jokes and added drama. As the jester might say: "You’re dead, so you better get used to it." Welcome to the Underworld. 


Ian MacDonald (Art Direction)

Tom Gilliland

David Igo (Art Direction)

Tom Jilesen

Ricky Lovas

Anna van Slee

Corinna Bechko (Author)

Landry Walker (Author)

Erik Scoggan

Lisa Marquart

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