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Duel Power

Duel Power
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN106
Card Name :Decode TalkerText : "2+ Effect MonstersGains 500 ATK for each monster it points to. When your opponent activates a card or effect that targets a card(s) you control (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 monster this card points to; negate the activation, and if y..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN105
Card Name :Odd-Eyes Pendulum DragonText : "Pendulum Effect: You can reduce the battle damage you take from an attack involving a Pendulum Monster you control to 0. During your End Phase: You can destroy this card, and if you do, add 1 Pendulum Monster with 1500 or less AT..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN104
Card Name :Number 39: UtopiaText : "2 Level 4 monstersWhen a monster declares an attack: You can detach 1 material from this card; negate the attack. If this card is targeted for an attack, while it has no material: Destroy this card.Attribute ..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN103
Card Name :Stardust DragonText : "1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monstersWhen a card or effect is activated that would destroy a card(s) on the field (Quick Effect): You can Tribute this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. During the End Phase, if this effec..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN101
Card Name :Dark MagicianText : "The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense.Attribute :darkATK :2500DEF :2100Level :7Property :..
Infinite Impermanence - Ultra Rare - DUPO-EN100 - Normal Trap
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Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN100
Card Name :Infinite ImpermanenceText : "Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; negate its effects (until the end of this turn), then, if this card was Set before activation and is on the field at resolution, for the rest of this turn all other Spell/Trap effects..
Evenly Matched - Ultra Rare - DUPO-EN099 - Normal Trap
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Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN099
Card Name :Evenly MatchedText : "At the end of the Battle Phase, if your opponent controls more cards than you do: You can make your opponent banish cards from their field face-down so they control the same number of cards as you do. If you control no cards, you can activ..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN098
Card Name :Nekroz KaleidoscopeText : "This card can be used to Ritual Summon any number of "Nekroz" Ritual Monsters. Tribute 1 monster from your hand or field, or send 1 monster from your Extra Deck to the GY, also after that, Ritual Summon any number of "Nekroz" monsters..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN097
Card Name :Nekroz MirrorText : "This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Nekroz" Ritual Monster. Tribute monsters from your hand or field, and/or banish "Nekroz" monsters from your GY, then Ritual Summon 1 "Nekroz" Ritual Monster from your hand whose Level exactly equa..
El Shaddoll Fusion - Ultra Rare - DUPO-EN096 - Quick-Play Spell
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Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN096
Card Name :El Shaddoll FusionText : "Fusion Summon 1 "Shaddoll" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. You can only activate 1 "El Shaddoll Fusion" per turn.Attribute :..
Brand: Konami Model: DUPO-EN095
Card Name :Qliphort GeniusText : "2 Machine monstersThis Link Summoned card is unaffected by Spell/Trap effects and the activated effects of other Link Monsters. Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up card on each player's field, except this card; both those cards have..
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