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Superman Tp Vol 05 Hopes And Fears Rebirth

(W) Peter J. Tomasi & Various (A) Scott Godlewski & Various (CA) Lee WeeksThe Kents' family ..


Spider-man Deadpool Tp Vol 05 arms Race

Team-up time is over - it's Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! When Spidey learns that Wade is selling S.H.I.E..


Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan Tp

What do you get when you cross a regenerative, cranky X-Man with a regenerative, wacky Merc? Deadpoo..


Dc Universe By Brian K Vaughan Tp

These tales of Titans, the Justice League, Green Lantern and many other heroes of the DC Universe ar..


Avengers Epic Collection Tp Avengers Defenders War

The Avengers battle the Defenders in comics' first great crossover battle royale! It's hero against ..


Thanos Infinity Siblings Ogn Hc

(W) Jim Starlin (A) Alan Davis (CA) Jim StarlinJim Starlin and Alan Davis return in the first volume..


Supergirl Tp Vol 03 Girl Of No Tomorrow Rebirth

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Robson Rocha & Various (CA) Robson Rocha, Daniel HenriquesEmerald Empress'..


Suicide Squad Tp Vol 05 Kill Your Darlings Rebirth

(W/A) Bryan Hitch & Various (CA) Sandra Hope, Paul PelletierAn army of aliens known as the Timel..


Star Wars Tp Vol 07 Ashes Of Jedha

(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) David MarquezThe possibility of the Death Star changed e..


Star Wars New Hope 40th Anniv Hc

(W) Jess HarroldCelebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope! This deluxe edition collect..


Robotech Archive Omnibus Vol 01 (Of 3)

(W) Carl Macek, Jack Herman (A) Svea Stauch & VariousThe Robotech animated series is legendary -..


Justice League Rebirth Dlx Coll Hc Book 02

(W/A) Bryan Hitch & Various (CA) Sandra Hope, Paul PelletierAn army of aliens known as the Timel..


Jugheads Time Police Tp

(W) Various (A) Rex Lindsey (CA) Ron LindseyGet ready for a wild ride through time! Jughead has been..


Flash By Mark Waid Tp Book 04

(W) Mark Waid & Various (A) Mike Wieringo & Various (CA) Mike Wieringo, Jose MarzanAfter the..


Batman Detective Tp Vol 05 Lonely Place Of Living Rebirth

(W) James TynionIV, Christopher Sebela (A) Eddy Barrows & Various (CA) Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferrei..


Archies Big Book Tp Vol 03 Rock N Roll

(W/A/CA) VariousThis third volume of the ARCHIE BIG BOOK series features some of the best of The Arc..


Action Comics 80 Years Of Superman Hc

(W) Jerry Seigel & Various (A) Joe Shuster & Various (CA) Jim Lee, Scott WilliamsThis year m..


Venomized #2 (Of 5)

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Iban Coello (CA) Nick Bradshaw  VENOMIZED Part 2•  Venom and..


Venomized #1 (Of 5) Bagley Connecting Var

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Iban Coello (CA) Mark BagleyVENOMIZED Part 1The story that began in VENOMVERSE r..


Venomized #1 (Of 5)

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Iban Coello (CA) Nick Bradshaw  VENOMIZED Part 1The story that began i..


Superman Whatever Happened Toman Of Tomorrow Tp

(W) Alan Moore (A) Curt Swan & Various (CA) Brian BollandLegendary writer Alan Moore's seminal S..


Superior Spider-man Tp Vol 01 Complete Collection

MARVEL COMICS(W) Dan Slott, Christos Gage (A) Richard Elson & Various (CA) Marcos MartinDoctor O..


Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Tp Vol 02 Legacys End

(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Giuseppe CamuncoliJocasta Nu, the Jedi Temple librarian, is making a desper..


Injustice 2 Tp Vol 01

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Bruno Redondo & VariousSuperman is imprisoned, and it's up to Batman to put t..


Injustice 2 Hc Vol 02

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Bruno Redondo & Various (CA) Bruno Redondo, Juan AlbarranIn these tales from ..


Flash Rebirth Dlx Coll Hc Book 02

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Carmine Di Giandomenico & Various (CA) Jason FabokThe Rogues have spru..


Captain America Epic Collection Tp Bloodstone Hunt

(W) Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer (A) Kieron Dwyer & Various (CA) Kieron DwyerSteve Rogers is bac..


Batman Tp Vol 05 Rules Of Engagement Rebirth

(W) Tom King (A) Joëlle Jones & Various (CA) Joëlle JonesFollowing Catwoman's answer to his marr..


Aliens Omnibus Tp Vol 01

(W) John Arcudi, Mark Verheiden (A) Tony Akins & Various (CA) John BoltonDark Horse Comics took ..