In memorial of Stan Lee

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In tribute of Stan Lee.

Yesterday evening, the 12th of November 2018, no one expected such a sudden loss; most were still recovering from nostalgically honouring their vetern ancestors of the previous day, yet the poigant feels of 2018 keep coming. I suppose like Wade Wilson realising how some many iconic rolemodels have perished lately we all can relate with such sentiments, albeit with the pangs of loss we remember their legacy which thrive within. Those whom perish live on through us even if we don't closely inherit the genius of their genetics.


This man is an avant gard artist, inventor, pioneer and innovator, and so his successes serendipituously made our lives better whether through entertainment or moral inspiration. We at HGC feel the enormous loss of this great man and would like to share some of the ways Stan Lee has affected our lives and what they have done for the world at large.


Stanley Martin Lieber was born on December 28 1922 as a belated Christmas gift to his parents. From his early days Stanley was interested in comics and eventually found himself working at Timely Comics at the age of 17. He has described his time there as being filled with refilling ink pots for the artists. Soon, however, Stanley was given the chance to help write a small piece and adopted the writing name of Stan Lee (which he would later make his legal name). It was from that point on that Stan Lee was given the opportunity to prove himself and show his hand as being one of the most well known authors/artists/writers of our time. 


Most of you are at least mildly familiar with the past couple of decades of comic book cultural movies, acknowledging this now you will realise that you will have been influenced by Stan Lee in more ways than you know. Due to his tireless efforts and enjoyment of the medium and its tropes he gained the most reputable portfolio in the world of comics and heroes. The significant extent of his work is expressed through his camoes in so many movies, not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example Kevin Smith's cult classic 'Mallrats'.   


The Twentieth Century while comparatively modern in its sophicated enhancement of civilisation still did not yet encourage the writing of liberal ideals concerning racism and prejudice, yet Stan Lee like many other counterculture personalities took it upon themselves to be the heroes of society in a more ordinary sense than the contributions of ficitious characters yet to be made.


One epitome of an example is when Stan Lee famously made clear his opinions with a quote from his 1968 edition of Stan's Soapbox , "Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today" - this message still holds valuable wisdom of how we should mindfully conduct ourselves. Later in the edition Stan Lee continued to say that someone should not be judged before you have any sort of interaction with them, this too is a lesson still necessary to relearn. Stan Lee has shown us time and again that the trope of superheroes is a simulative vehicle of vicariously crossing borders, allowing people to accept each other, view the world as a better place, and how to best cooperate to make this better world progressively manifest.


In conclusion, the integrity and morals that Stan Lee and his fellow contemporaries stood for and their clear passion for their works have influenced the entire world for the better, knowing who they were and celebrating their legacy is secondary rewards to the appreciation they felt with those whom gratefully received their teachings. To Stan Lee and those whose names remain unrealised we salute you all and wish for you all valhalla in the nerdvana beyond,  Excelsior! 

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