Originally named Captain Marvel, later renamed Shazam, Billy Batson is a young boy granted the  powers and abilities of the  six immortal elders by an ancient wizard known as Shazam:

S - for the Wisdom of Solomon. As Shazam, Billy has instant access to a vast amount of scholarly knowledge and objective.

H - for the Strength of Hercules. Hercules' power grants Shazam superhuman strength comparable to that of the legendary demigod, making him one of DC Comics' strongest characters.

A - for the Stamina of Atlas. Using Atlas' stamina, Shazam can withstand and survive most types of extreme physical assaults, and heal from them within seconds without any seeming discomfort. The stamina of Atlas also prevents him from getting tired and provides him with a supernaturally endowed metabolism preventing fatigue, thirst and hunger.

Z - for the Power of Zeus. Zeus' power, besides fueling the magic thunderbolt that transforms Shazam, also enhances Shazam's other physical and mental abilities, and grants him resistance against all magic spells and attacks. The hero can use the lightning bolt as a weapon by dodging it and allowing it to strike an opponent or other target.

A - for the Courage of Achilles. The courage of Achilles gives Shazam the courage and bravery of the legendary Greek hero. In one story it is claimed to also give him fighting skills. It also aids the hero's mental fortitude against most mental attacks. In the Trials of Shazam! miniseries, this was changed temporarily to Achilles' near-invulnerability.

M - for the Speed of Mercury. By channeling Mercury's speed, Shazam can move at superhuman speeds and fly, although in older comics he could only leap great distances.

At HGC, we find that Shazam accurately represents the comic book fan in all of us. The duality between childhood and adulthood. Growing up, many of us loved reading comic books, nurturing the childlike spirit of Billy Batson. As we grow older, we gain the strength, wisdom and courage as shown by Shazam, but will always hold on to the love of comic books we had growing up, still nurturing the childlike essence of Billy Batson.

Like Billy Batson join us in our own little geek universe and have fun dressing up in costumes, collecting the many different figurines, immersing yourself in the different multiverses of the graphic novels. adorn your bedroom walls with posters and decorate your desk with a myriad of Pops! available at our stores.

Shazam's first appearance was in Whiz Comics in 1940, an almost instant hit. The original artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker set out to create a superhero that would be able to speak to younger audiences.

Get ready for the latest adaptation of SHAZAM! releasing in cinemas 5 April 2019!

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