Wazzup, my fellow enthusiasts, Michael of ‘Heroes of Games & Comics’ here to further educate, enlighten, and entertain y’all with my insights, reviews, and reactions to other opinions & the evaluation of cinematic entertainment, graphic literature, and Dungeons & Dragons! Today I will be focusing upon the graphic novel series Monstress.

Last night I read the first issue of Monstress (Image Firsts), here is my review. As a first issue it was quite a long 'pilot episode' which successfully impressed me. I became reminded of my adoration for Marjorie Liu's previous words with X-23 and the artist Sana Takeda's works which were also involved in those early stories of Laura Kinney. I don't recall ever reading a comic book from the perspective of an amputee, however Maika isn't anyone to be pitied, she has an awesome prosthesis and talented capabilities without it.

The world Maika Halfwolf inhabits is one reminiscent of Dishonoured, Fables, Deus Ex, and Rising of the Shield Hero, thusly this story so far is a worthwhile read. There are two types of humanoids, the Arcanics and the Cumaea/humans, the Arcanics are essentially mutants in this world, empowered exotic creatures whom the Cumaea hunt, capture, enslave, experiment upon, and eat to become powerful witches. The world is also an Matriarchy, much like Rising of the Shield Hero.

The target readers are obviously young adults and upwards, partial nudity is featured yet it is tastefully included and justified. The gore and violence is also exquisitely expressed and captured, and some characters whom are introduced are quickly and seemingly disposed of even though they seemed important at first so either the readers and me have been trolled or these characters aren't exactly killed or have secret regenerative abilities.

Listing of Monstress graphic novels: Monstress Tp Vol 01 at R170, and Monstress volumes 2, 3, and 4 are R290 each respectively. Image First issues of Monstress are R50 each.

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Written by Michael P. Garzola

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