'Wazzup, my fellow enthusiasts, Michael of ‘Heroes of Games & Comics’ here to further educate, enlighten, and entertain y’all with my insights, reviews, and reactions to other opinions & the evaluation of cinematic entertainment, graphic literature, and Dungeons & Dragons! Today I will be focusing upon the four issue thick curated comic book Marvel Tales Doctor Strange and the other varieties of Marvel Tales comic books one can purchase.

As I have often told customers it is rare that enthusiasts and occasional comic book buyers intentionally buy stories written and illustrated by the greats such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Roy Thomas, Chris Claremont, etc; this is a tragedy, as most people these days prefer to buy signed comic books which they won't read for obvious reasons, and if you're curious about my personal opinion, it's a waste of money, for I rather value the content and art of these graphic literatures and thus collect and read works which were soulfully written and illustrated by these phenomenal creators, thereby supporting their legacy in an admirable fashion.

So...when I discovered and began reading Marvels Tales I was thrilled to realise that I was reading works by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Roy Thomas, and Chris Claremont along with Doctor Strange's first appearance, first edition origin story, his first encounter with the Cloak of Levitation, and an adventure with Clea and battle against Nicodemus. By the way, if you research Stephen Vincent Strange you will discover he and I share the same height. #DropsTheMic

Doctor Strange, whom is based on the appearance of Vincent Price (and perhaps Stan Lee to a point too) first debuted in Strange Tales #110 (July, 1951, 68 (will be 69 in July) years ago), mostly about the Human Torch, Paste-Pot Pete, and The Wizard; Doctor Strange would help out as an ally in order to defeat The Wizard whom was abusing the Mirror Dimension and other Dark Arts. Personally, Ditko's art in this story wasn't as good as Dan Adkins's art in the subsequent story DOCTOR STRANGE (1968) #169. Apologies, Ditko fans, the heart likes what it likes. Fun Fact: That same year '2001 A Space Odyssey' was released in cinemas. A year before the official Moon Landing.

Doctor Strange's enemies/rogues gallery can be fascinatingly impressive, he has 'tangoed' with Nightmare, Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Mephisto, Umar (Clea's mother, his mother-in-law), Morgan Le Fay, Shuma-Gorath, and Dracula over the years, often re-encountered. In my opinion I'm more intrigued to read about Stephen Strange's encounters with Morgan Le Fay, Shuma-Gorath, and Dracula; the first antagonist because of my affinity for Etrigan The Demon's stories associated with Arthurian Lore (set in the DC Multiverse) and my increasing intrigue for Dane Whitman's Black Knight and his association with the Eternal and Avenger Sersi; Shuma-Gorath because I'm a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast and I'm itching to read more Lovecraftian type stories before watching Nicholas Cage in the upcoming movie 'The Color Out of Space'. Herald's Lovecraft & Tesla sustains that craving in the meantime through graphic literature too, HGC stocks & sells these too. Hmmm..Well, Dracula because my exposure to Marvel's Dracula is from the animated Avengers shows and Blade Trinity which I still have fond memories of despite how many fans and cinema watchers dislike it, so I'm optimistic. I mean, episode 4 of Rick & Morty season 4 was my favourite from this half of the season, however apparently my favourite episode is largely critiqued as ultra perverse and socially unacceptable, so yah, I shamelessly still love that episode when if that labels me as the target viewer for that very episode. And ey, there is was a Slut Dragon in that episode called Michael, so that may be a clue that I was. #MostLikelyNoCorrelationJustCoincidental

As I was saying, there are actually other Marvel Tales following a similar curated style as the aforementioned Doctor Strange collection, such as: THROUGH MARVEL UNIVERSE TP, MARVEL TALES WOLVERINE #1, MARVEL TALES RAVENCROFT #1, MARVEL TALES ANNIHILATION #1, MARVEL TALES GHOST RIDER #1, MARVEL TALES BLACK PANTHER, MARVEL TALES X-MEN #1, MARVEL TALES HULK #1, MARVEL COMICS TP TIMELESS TALES, MARVEL TALES IRON MAN #1, MARVEL TALES AVENGERS #1, MARVEL TALES BLACK WIDOW #1, and MARVEL TALES FANTASTIC FOUR #1. The prices for these demi-graphic novels are R240. Late last month I added quite a few of these titles to our order list and I am confident we will be acquiring these hopefully by the end of the February.

That's all, Folks!

Written by Michael P. Garzola