Wazzup, my fellow enthusiasts, Michael of ‘Heroes of Games & Comics’ here to further educate, enlighten, and entertain y’all with my insights, reviews, and reactions to other opinions & the evaluation of cinematic entertainment, graphic literature, and Dungeons & Dragons! Today I will be focusing upon Marvel's Man-Wolf and 'Ravencroft, Institute For The Criminally Insane' five part series. 

A while back I was watching an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man which greatly intrigued me, I'm usually quite familiar Marvel characters and the many storylines but this character surprised me. Unfortunately the episode didn't have better title other than 'The Man Wolf', I would have preferred something like 'Howling From The Moon' or 'Moonstone' but hey, at least the episode is easy to search via keywords. 

So Monday evening I bought True Believers Man-Wolf, immediately the artwork was enticing and mysterious, and then one starts thinking, 'Is Man Wolf good, bad, maybe confused?' followed by 'Hmmm, This Kinda Reminds Me of ThunderCats' concerning the somewhat campy sci-fi fantasy tech & magic jujuxtaposition. As I began vehemently reading meticulously preserving the condition of the comic book and not corrupting the paper with my naturally sweaty and oily hands. The story begins very enigmatically as if one had missed something and upon research discovered I had. While Spider-Man's first appearance happens in August of 1962 with Amazing Fantasy #15 it is first in Amazing Spider-Man #1 of 1963 that both John Johan Jameson the Third appears as well as the Man Wolf and guess what year the reprint I just read is from, 1972, so obvious I missed out on a lot. By the way, Y'all, HGC does sell the True Believers Amazing Spider-Man #1. 

The True Believers Man-Wolf comic book I bought reprints Marvel Premiere #45, written by David Anthony Kraft, art by Frank Giacoia & George Perez, and cover art by Bob McLeod & George Perez. I empathised a lot with JJJ3, he's humbly trying to do the right thing despite the craziness that involves him. Like Peter Parker JJJ3 his priviledged life with great responsibility yet he doesn't talk and whine about such a catchphrase which is done in the Spider-Man stories. Through JJJ3's nigh six decades of existence he has been an astronaut, USAF Colonel, adventurer, social worker, test pilot, private pilot to Captain America, monster hunter, pet to Demagoblin, and lately Asylum Security Chief of Ravencroft, Institute For The Criminally Insane. 

Man-Wolf & JJJ3's abilities include Moonlight-dependent Superhuman Strength, Durability, Healing Factor, Perceptive Proficiency (including Dark/Infrared Vision, Tracker's Nose), Mighty Teeth & Claws, Agility, Speed, and Stamina. JJJ3's physical attributes are: height of 6'2", (1.88 m), weight of 200 lbs (90.72 kg) [I suppose my ideal weight too since I'm 6'2" too], Brown Iris Colour, and Auburn Hair. In Man-Wolf form the character becomes 6'6", 350 lbs, Red Eyed, White Furred, along with fangs and claws.

Once JJJ3 becomes Man-Wolf, Stargod, rages and attacks all threats, once he instictually travels to a disguised portal within the moon (by the way, Man-Wolf can survive in the vacuum of space) where JJJ3 finally and suddenly regains conscious control of his now Man-Wolf form. Swiftly JJJ3 is bombarded by exposition, not exactly unnecessary, JJJ3 somewhat humourously reacts and embraces his new friends, servants, and worshippers. Soon after some experimental coping within Otherworld Man-Wolf an ambush happens all while Man-Wolf's people mention in an Asgardian battlelove fashion how this encounter can be a lesson/tutorial. Let us say if this comic book was actually created within recent years it would share similar unfortunate horrors with that of this fifteen minutes of the anime Goblin Slayer. #GoburinSureiya 

The conclusion of this issue of the comic book is sorta tragic, a couple of Man-Wolf's team are seemingly killed/defeated with Man-Wolf falling from high up in the sky towards the surface of a strange new world's pond rescuing a fellow teammate and briefly mourning a fallen new comrade before swearing to avenge her. Now this mostly exciting in a somewhat prediction sense, one which one still wants to witness how JJJ3 and surviving company wish to accomplish in such an exotic world. 

From the old to the new, last night I read the first issue of 'Ravencroft, Institute For The Criminally Insane' which follows the aftermath of Absolute Carnage by Donny Cates. The story features Misty Knight & JJJ3 as the two main narrating protagonists. Misty Knight seems to be an agent of some organisation, not Shield, very intent on controlling what happens at Ravencroft, a secret agenda probably for the greater good. JJJ3 seems to be a reluctant pawn to these people who doesn't like that Kingpin the Mayor of New York & Norman Osborne are ruling and prospering. So JJJ3 is sceptically navigating the situation to fulfil his duty to the security of Ravencroft so as to actually improve and rehabilitate of the criminally insane all trying to redeem himself for his ashamed involvement in contributing the troublesomeness of Absolute Carnage. Also, like Don/Godfather Michael Corleone everytime JJJ3 thinks he's out they (the criminally insane) keep pulling him into the cesspool which is monstrous crime.

True Believers Man-Wolf: R40,

Ravencroft, Institute For The Criminally Insane: R110,

True Believers Amazing Spider-Man#1: R40

Man-Wolf Complete Collection Graphic Novel written by Marv Wolfman, Gerry Conway, and many others, art by Gil Kane, Ross Andru, and.mamy others, and with cover art by John Romita, collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #124-125 and #189-190; GIANT-SIZE SUPER-HEROES #1; CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #30-37; MARVEL PREMIERE #45-46; MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #36-37; SAVAGE SHE-HULK #13-14 and material from PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #3. Estimated price: R680

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