Wazzup, my fellow enthusiasts, Michael of ‘Heroes of Games & Comics’ here to further educate, enlighten, and entertain y’all with my insights, reviews, and reactions to other opinions & the evaluation of cinematic entertainment, graphic literature, and Dungeons & Dragons! Today I will be focusing upon the sequel movie ‘Maleficent (2): Mistress of Evil’ of which I watched last Saturday evening after work with my significant other, my sister, and fellow HGC colleague and MTG Specialist, Kristen. #GroupViewing

Within this essay I shall provide insights, quotes from our after movie discussions, the plausibility of another sequel, and ultimately my review and listing of new Disney merch HGC has and is likely to acquire, such as the new Maleficent funko pop vinyl.

Insightful Comments - Firstly, it has been five years for both us viewers and the characters in the live action cinematic reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale. Between films Maleficent has been tutoring and sharing her stewardship with Aurora to become Queen of the Feywild Moors all while Prince Phillip of Ulstead has been trying to not provoke the wrath of his prospective godmother-in-law, although no matter how he proves himself worthy to honourably gain her favour Maleficent always suspects the humble hero as false, this doesn’t get easier for him when his mother, Ingrith, insults, provokes, and attempts to assassinate Maleficent, and his father, King John, portrayed by nostalgically amusing actor Robert Lindsay (Remember Ben Harper from the BBC show My Family? I do, I loved that show!), who is made comatose by Queen Ingrith but pretends to superstitiously blame Maleficent, who I could imagine Ingrith being portrayed by Zooey Wanamaker who plays Ben Harper's snarky wife Susan, however the ideal serendipity would have been too distracting than instead having Michelle Pheiffer dramatically roleplay the villainess whose performance is excellent in its attempts to be psychotically convincing.

Secondly, Aurora has been doing well for herself since first movie, she abdicated her rightful throne from her biological mother - whom Aurora apparently still has little rapport with - by somehow giving that dominion to ‘the people’, a republic I suppose. I feel sympathetic for Aurora’s mother as she doesn’t deserve to be ignored and denied screen time for that kinda gives the permissive message that if you’re kidnapped from your parents/guardians and raised by someone else decides to love and care for you then through a strange Stockholm Syndrome it’s okay not to build a relationship with your real parents because you’re happy with the ‘parent’ who stole you away in spite and mischief. Like I’m certain Aurora’s mother wanted to raise her daughter despite the threat of Maleficent and her husband’s ambitious sins and machinations.

Thirdly, there are fascinating new editions to the Maleficent World, such as pixie technology responsible for the ‘demystifying’ of fantastical non-humans, and by demystifying I mean massacring. I’m pretty sure the pixie divulged to Queen Ingrith about Fey’s weakness to iron which would wound Maleficent and ultimately terminate Maleficent’s prospective romantic interest, Conall, a peaceful leader of the Fey who happens to rescues Maleficent from her wounded drowning caused by a pithy gamine redhaired generalist mercenary woman named Gerda who seems to be Ingrith's Girl Friday, she crafts, wields, and caddies weapons, does secretary duties for the queen, kills mystical creatures with the doomy sounds of a chapel organ. Quite a badass woman.

Fourth and ultimately, the Dark Fey, we meet and learn from essentially only two fey and the other fey are decorative silent NPCs. The evolutionary styles of fey are satisfactorily observed and described as the Ghostly Tundra fey (palette of icy white, blues and greys), the Barbaric forest fey (palette of wood green, brown, and black) the Kaleidoscopic Jungle fey (palette of bright and bold reds, yellow, and purple) and the Grim Desert fey (palette of orange, brown, and white). From my deductive assessment Conall and Borra seem to be a Jungle and Forest Feys respectively.

Conall and Borra both believe that Maleficent as the Phoenix is instrumental to conclude the conflict with humans, either through peace or war. This explains them discovering Maleficent as they probably heard of Maleficent through the grapevine. Conall and Borra learn that they wrong about their ambitions for solely peaceful harmony and warful conquest. Theit lesson learnt is that one cannot get peace and war without progressing through war and peace. When Conall counsels with his feys to be peaceful this fails with his demise (no good deeds go unpunished), and when Borra gets the war and backup he wanted he quickly gets disillusioned once he notices they are losing and upon suddenly realising that Prince Philip is not like Queen Ingrith and is rather much like Conall Borra perceives an advantage the difference go beyond being reminded of the nature of his friend with the reality that Philip has the influence to forge a peace pact with the fey on the behalf of humans, so Borra takes a leap of faith and this best outcome gratefully happens.

Quotes - I am paraphrasing now since I didn't think about inscribing word for word notes,

Sister: “Without rewatching the first movie in preparation for this film my recall of exact alluded moments are hazy and distracting as I watched the movie tonight!”, she expressed that opinion of which I agree, albeit my memory of the first movie is more eidetic me than hers.

My Lovely Accomplice said, “... I was really heart-broken when the Ents died. I really loved those gentle giants. They had a good presence in the march to the chapel and I couldn't help but think of the old Ents from the Lord of the Rings. I really got invested in them. I thought it was kinda bad that they had the wedding right after the battle when presumably there were still dead bodies and blood stains around. Unless Maleficient really magicked them away. As pretty as the scene was and as happy as I was to see them (Aurora and Philip) married I couldn't help but feel no one was mourning the lost. It made their death's seem cheap and made me a little uncomfortable. Maybe I just got way too invested in what should have been throw away characters. Like getting attached to a random pedestrian who gets driven over in an epic chase scene.”, in reply to her, I said, “… I noticed what too, I was hoping with Maleficent's reincarnation after the demystifying of the red iron powder that she could return them to their previous state and perhaps even the fey themselves, but no cigar, they're dead and gone. Such a pity.

Yeah, those Ents were so undeserving of death.

Me too, me too, albeit I am glad one or two made it out in the end.

Yeah, quite morbidly reminiscent.

Yeah, it's unfortunate that the dead were denied a memorial. Yeah, I perceived the uncomfortable cheapness too.”

Kristen said, "I need to watch it again, insufficient emphasis about how the dark fey came to be endangered, how they found or constructed their sanctuary so as to sequester themselves within such a specifically colossal, wild, and fortified terrarium city of multiple of habitats, and how Maleficent became separated from the collective, was she abandoned, forgotten, or merely misplaced - plot holes make world building incomplete, we need answers. Otherwise, the movie was good, which bolsters my enthusiasm for Magic The Gathering's Throne of Eldraine set which coincidentally explores a similar world and features character equivalents to such Disney and Folklore sources."

Kristen continues to say, "The story also warns one about the influence of what propaganda can do to a populace if left unchecked by an arbitral tribunal..., notice how Queen Ingrith started and controlled the narrative at every turn for five years, sounding similar to her name by the time this movie starts her narrative is socially ‘ingrained’ that this narrative became the legend which would ‘meta-inspire’ Disney to create an animated movie following those series of ‘false’ events if the story of Maleficent is the real canon.”

Quoting myself, “Wow, a horned black phoenix the size of a dragon, that’s new and different!”, “That’s Ben Harper!!!”, and “I do love me some ominous organ sounds, especially twice on Sundays!”

Plausibility – Another sequel is indeed teased, possibly in connect with a christening or Maleficent just mentions that with a playfully warning Aurora and Philip not to repeat the historic dishonour of not inviting her, Maleficent, to their children’s ceremonial blessings.

Subjectively, Beyond the fact Ingrith was transformed into a goat in punishment for her deep-seated hatred and jealousy of the fey she is still alive. Curious enough Ingrith believes her brother was killed by mystical creatures of the Moor Wilds because he didn’t return and no one really knows what happened to him. I’m not certain if sibling love can actually be motivation enough to go evil, I definitely wouldn’t go mad if my sister went missing, it would be frustrating and tragic, but I wouldn’t jump to the worst conclusions. So for the third movie, like plot points given at the end of a D&D game night, I would like further exploration of the Feys and what happened to Ingrith’s brother to resolved.

Objectively, Maleficent 2 hasn't done as well as expected at the box office so far, the first movie did better ticket sales wise, albeit I am optimistic that Maleficent 2’s full circuit showing internationally will succeed at providing sufficient profit to guarantee another movie better than these released films, and it is my sincerest hope that this essay itself contributes to you deciding to watch the movie at cinemas with friends, family, and foes.

My review summarised, “A Cinematically Exquisite Fantasy World, Humour was Self-Aware, Multi-layered, Obvious, and Explanatory yet amusing to be fully aware of what the creators deem funny. Mostly predictable, yet delightful to experience the ride all while ready to witness the certainty of twists and turns happen. Still has the prospect for better stories to explicated!”

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That's all, Folks!

Written by Michael P. Garzola

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