HGC Melrose Arch LLDS

Posted by Anton 10/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

HGC Melrose Arch was the first in line of HGC Stores to host their LLDS Qualifier.

Having a total of 14 players at the event including current reigning YuGiOh RSA Champion Rian Breytenbach at the event.

After 4 rounds of Swiss, top cut had been decided with 4 people making it into top cut - Rian Breytenbach, Ben Linde, Mark Putter and Tristan Lilford.

After it all, Ben Linde and Tristan Lilford made it to the Finals. Rian Breytenbach and Mark Putter were knocked out by their opponents.

Ben Linde only being a kid showed his opponent Tristan Lilford no remorse going into their final match to decide who is the better player. After being forced into Game 3 with both players tied a game a piece. Ben opened up with a godly hand of which his opponent had no response to all of his plays and ended up extra linking his opponent and OTKing him in his next turn making Ben Linde the champion of the Melrose Arch LLDS and showing that skill doesn't come with age.

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