HGC Melrose Arch LLDS Stage 2

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December, the month of giving and sharing started with a blast at Heroes of Games and Comics Melrose Arch. 

The venue for hosting the LLDS Stage 2 for the 2nd time. Players came from all over the country to duel their way to 1st PLACE with the prizes of a LLDS 2018 - Winner Trophy, Super Rare Copy of Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker, 96 Soul Fusion Booster Packs, Yu-Gi-Oh! LLDS Shoulder Bag all going to the winner of the event.

The stakes were high and so was the competition as this event was by invitation only. Each entrant had to have at least won or topped an LLDS Stage 1 Qualifier during the year at multiple locations throughtout the country.

Gauteng players came in their numbers hoping to use that as their advantage against the other players from different provinces that came through for the event. Round 1 was the deciding factor in this event that snowballed with many Gauteng players not making it into the top cut of the event after 5 rounds of swiss. Many Gauteng players were pitted against each other during this 1st round forcing many out of top cut with their losses during this round.

The other players from Cape Town and Durban came to Gauteng to show their dominance as after 5 round of swiss only 4 Gauteng players made it to the final 8 but were eliminated through the top cut single elimination matches ending with the finals just being Brandon Gower-Winter Vs Treven Govender. 

After a long day and a total of 8 rounds, Treven Govender was victorious taking home all his prizes.




The top 3 consisted of very well known players within the South African Yu-Gi-Oh community.

There were many other experiend players at the event, Lungisa Takane, Adriaan Smit, Krishern Govender, Prenesh Naidoo, Suhail Karimulla, Ben Linde, Yudheer Rajkumar, Sandesh Chand just to name a few of the many that participated.

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