HGC Bedford Centre LLDS

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HGC Bedford Centre LLDS

The final LLDS of the LLDS Stage 1 Qualifiers happened on Sunday, the 9th of September; hosting a total of 20 players some looking to get their invitation to Stage 2 and others seeing where they stand with the local competitiom. The event spanned a total of 7 hours with 5 rounds of swiss and 2 rounds of top cut.

After 5 rounds of swiss, top cut was comprised of Adriiaan Smit, Prenesh Naidoo, Shen Tseng and Melrose LLDS Champ Ben Linde.

Adriaan Smit Vs Ben Linde and Shen Tseng Vs Prenesh Naidoo was the outcome of the Semi-finals after Swiss.

Having lost to Adriiaan Smit, Ben was knocked out from his chance to clain another LLDS win. Prenesh piloting Goukis took down Shen in match making the finals. Fated to get their invitations Adriaan Smit Vs Prenesh Naidoo was the final match of the day.

At the end of it all Adriaan Smit won following his battle against Prenesh, showing that even against Goukis, Trickstar Skystrikers is still a very powerful deck in the hands of a Yu-Gi-Oh pro.

Well done to Adriaan Smit for showing 19 other people that skill and experience do come a long way.

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