Wazzup, my fellow enthusiasts, Michael of ‘Heroes of Games & Comics’ here to further educate, enlighten, and entertain y’all with my insights, reviews, and reactions to other opinions & the evaluation of cinematic entertainment, graphic literature, and Dungeons & Dragons! Today I will be focusing upon the graphic novel series Die Vol 01 Fantasy Hearthbreaker, written Kieron Gillen art by Stephanie Hans

In my nerdy sanctum sanctorum, artistic based graphic literature are considered especially glorious. From HGC Bedford, the dedicated staff who investigate these phenomenal artworks are members of an elite squad known as the Special Recommendation Unit. These are their stories. ST'unk ST'unk!

Last night I read the first issue of Die, these are my thoughts: Evidently with increasing frequency Image Comics produce thick, high quality, and textually satisfactory paper and art. The first issue is very thrilling, a bit tragic/depressing, but fascinating and curious.

The story starts in 1991, instead of playing Dungeons & Dragons the teenagers decide to play a seemingly homebrewed game similar to Dungeons & Dragons but actually dangerous like how 'Mazes & Monsters' was depicted. This was a bit cringy for me, especially since one of the characters said D&D was basically amateur and worthless.

The party are spirited away into dangerous fantasy world, sorta like how Rick Sanchez and the Smith family do in that graphic novel Rick & Morty Versus Dungeons & Dragons Vol 1 just without the humour. Two years later in the real world most of them return, one missing and another character missing most of her arm incurred from a battle. The party are traumatised and their futures are quite miserable and ruined.

Twenty Seven years later enigmatically a bloody 20 sided die the missing character used manifests suddenly to the main character and he freaks out. They reunited because they need to figure out this spooky occurrence and lo and behold they are dragged back into that deadly world and discover the missing character killed an evil grandmaster and replaced him so as to survive and replaced his eyes with glowing blue d20s. #Cliffhanger

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Written by Michael P. Garzola

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