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In Pieces Someplace Which I Call Home Gn (Mr)
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 9780998105802
In Pieces: Somplace Which I Call Home is Kurt Ankeny's debut graphic novel. A series of short meditative vignettes which are by turns comedic, poetic, or absurd reveals the personality of the small New England town where he lived for five years with his family. Excerpted in Best American Comics 2017..
Pope Hats #6 Shapeshifter (Mr)
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 978193523354150695
Hartley Lin's most candid work to date. Having discarded his former pen name, Lin narrates 'Shapeshifter,' about a period of rapid change in his life that includes moving to the woods outside Montreal and the intense first months as a new parent. A novel and intimate account of speeding time. (W/A/C..
Rough Age Gn
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 978099058832051200
Through a series of snapshots, Max describes the small events that made us who we are: the first broken heart, the first cigarette, all the forgotten homework… Rough Age is a sweet romp through our school years, which reminds us that being a teenager isn't only awkwardness and pain but also apathy a..
Skyscrapers Inc Gn
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 978193523347350695
Skyscrapers, Inc., a subsidiary of AdHouse Books, opened its doors in 2008 and quickly went from fledgling startup to comics 'powerhouse.' It's now time for their Annual Report and Accounting. No, really. Limited to 1,000 copies. (W/A) Joshua W. Cotter..
Time O1 Gn (Mr)
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 9781935233565
Time O1 collects the time-based journals of acclaimed artist and illustrator Sterling Clinton Hundley. Hundley's intimate observational drawings are layered and revisited over days, weeks, months and years, compressing the fleeting moments of familiar routines into an authentic impression of time. ..
Washington Unbound Gn
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Brand: Adhouse Books Model: 978193523351051495
Aging President George Washington has escaped an abduction attempt and must return to the White House before his impostor takes control of the fledgling nation. Along the way he encounters several famous faces, wild animals and cutting-edge contraptions in a rollicking adventure that has no time for..
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